Email Marketing

If you have a newsletter that visitors can sign up for or if you have current customers who have provided you with email addresses when signing up for your service, you already have somewhere to start.

This enables us to create and email marketing strategy that directly targets your users in a way that will influence the way in which they think and behave when it comes to your brand and business.

Our email marketing service will help you to tailor emails to the needs and expectations of your users based on many different aspects such as Sex, Age, Interests and Profession to name but a few. This means we can target different users in different ways and then monitor how they react to your emails.

As part of this service, we can also create email content that is captivating and engaging while a great design will make your audience want to read your emails. This means you can target them with news, updates and even special offers. Your business is in control of how the campaign works while we will manage each campaign, run reports and guide you along the way.

Video Marketing

We all know just how important videos are these days. Just look at social media to see how many videos are shared on your newsfeed alone. Therefore, our video marketing service can help your audience to visualise what you offer and see it for themselves.

Our ability to create a video marketing campaign that is tailored to the needs of your audience is what helps us to stand out. We monitor your audience and then determine what videos work for your business. We manage every aspect of the video campaign. This includes the design, the colours, the characters, the message and the sounds. All of these aspects of video marketing are important to the message you are trying to send to your audience.

Once the video as has been designed and created we can then develop how to put your video out there and this involves aligning ourselves with your social media campaign. We can post videos at certain times and on specific platforms and we can create videos for your website.

Your audience like to see something that is visually pleasing and that is exactly why video marketing is so crucial to your business. Having the ability to see what you offer and how they can benefit is what leads to more visitors, increased traffic and more sales.

We ensure that everything works together so that each video campaign works successfully. Our team constantly monitor and adapt so your videos are relevant and fresh.